Rock Brighton @The Hub Brighton – 02/09/2016 Featuring Pink Narcissus/Southern Discord/Emnibis/Alternate Function


Hello you beautiful and unique little snowflakes, this is the first of my blog entries where I review things that I like. This could include Sci-Fi, Horror, Music, it’s basically things that I find ace..and my taste is always brilliant, so there.

So for the first entry ever, I would like to do a little bleurgh entry about a gig I attended the other day at the Hub Brighton with Pink Narcissus headlining. I’ve been to the hub before and it’s a great little venue – the acoustics really grab you by the testicles with a cheeky little yank and the barman twirls and flips around booze in a skillful manner that would put Tom Cruise to shame. Then again, he doesn’t have to stand on a drinks crate in platforms to be seen, so he’s well better.

My friend Oli Spleen headlined the night with Pink Narcissus so I was keen to see him play, oh yes. Pink Narcissus are one of the best bands in the world that aren’t signed. The fact they aren’t signed is a pan-global dicking bullshit disgrace of biblical proportions.

When you come to see Pink Narcisuss, you get to see a band that are tight. Tight like a tiger. The flamboyant lead singer gyrating and squirming, postulating and flouncing about stage like Freddy Mercury slooping around in a lava lamp. Spitting forth lyrical masterpieces invoking Byron, Wilde, Rimbaud, Jacques Brel and Cohen whilst the band members rock out, blow up the stage and make people bounce up and down like a Zebedee in a large Hadron Collider. Screeching and yelping, powering out uber vocals on a precision fission mission like a horny pony playing the saxophoney. They’re VERY good.


The other bands at the gig were really great too. Southern Discord for example whose lead vocalist is a metal god. Really he can wail. Like really, really well. They are sick and brutal I believe is the colloquial that the cool kids are using these days. But why listen to my mouthwords? Listen! Go forth! Educate your ears! Enjoy the ear happy! Click, clickity click! ROARRRRGHHHHH!

If you enjoy more punky fun than Emnibis would be more your bag with their early Green Day/Blink 182 vibe. I did not manage to sit still through their set because their grooves and infectious and bouncy and funky like a punky munky. Very fun. Mi liko!

Alternate Function were very tight also. The finger twangling and guitar pluckarillios were very delectable to my aural pallete. Again a video would be better than vague finger fangling explanations delivered from my pointy digits, so lucky, lucky you, here’s a link to them and all!

Yes, all in all, a very scrummy and sustaining night of musical pudding served up for the lug pallete. There are gigs at the Hub every week, I believe they’re 4 squid and the drinks are dead cheap too. You should go. You might hear something you really like. Can’t say fairer than that guv!


Testing testing 1…2….YAY

Hellooooo this is my new blog where I review awesome things. It is definitely the best blog ever and dead sexy. I will be writing lots of really good words with my finger digits because I am brilliant.